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Karo is the online marketplace seamlessly connecting independent nurses and carers with the shifts they want.
Take control.

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Signing up with Karo takes no time at all

Choose when and where you work, at hundreds of healthcare organisations all over the country. Take back control of your shifts.

See a detailed checklist of everything you need to start booking shifts on Karo.

A diagram showing Karo's process connecting nurses and available shifts in healthcare organisations
A diagram showing Karo's process connecting nurses and available shifts in healthcare organisations

Karo connects nurses and carers to healthcare organisations across the Republic of Ireland

We’re simplifying booking temporary shifts, making it easier than ever to be an independent nurse or carer.

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Healthcare Organisations post their shifts to Karo daily

All shifts posted to Karo include a full description, skill requirements, location and pay information.

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Pick the shifts you want to work in one click

Karo is free to use for nurses and carers and accessible from any device, including your mobile phone.

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Submit your timesheet online, anytime, anywhere

Your timesheet is sent straight to the healthcare organisation and is approved online — no paper, no signatures, no hassle.

We’re the marketplace that puts you in control

Whether you’re a nurse, carer or healthcare organisation, Karo puts you back in the driving seat. Each shift page includes a detailed description, location information and the pay rate so both sides always know exactly what to expect.

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View your upcoming work schedule and manage your payments online

With Karo, you can easily manage your work schedule, view your upcoming shifts and submit timesheets from anywhere.

No more paper timesheets means no more signatures. It’s better for the environment too.

Take the leap and become your own boss

By booking your own shifts through Karo you set your own schedule and take control of your financial and professional life.

You can sample different workplaces, meet new people and broaden your professional experience.

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You can see all the available shifts, the money you'll earn and the location to go to… it’s so easy to use
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Our platform allows healthcare organisations to communicate with and post shifts directly to nurses and carers across the country.

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