Find temporary nurses and carers

Karo helps you find fully screened nurses and carers to fill your temporary shifts.
Get peace of mind.

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Find the right nurse or carer for your healthcare organisation

Choose the best nurse or carer for your job, either by inviting them directly or letting them apply to you.

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Simple & accessible reporting on all your shifts

Easily keep track of your temporary staff with Karo. Generate reports from your account history when you need them.

Continuity of care becomes effortless

Establish lasting relationships with local nurses and carers. Save your favourites to quickly build up a bank of people you trust, based on what matters to you.

Ensure continuity by inviting them back to fill your shifts with just a few clicks. Knowing your patients are receiving the best quality care was never so easy.

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There is a level of proactive delivery with Karo nurses who elevate the overall standard of the team and quality services we can offer
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Our platform allows healthcare organisations to communicate with and post shifts directly to nurses and carers across the country.

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